Stonybrook Ariel "Ally"

Ally was my first griff and the "matriarch" of our Wirehaired Pointing Griffons. She was sired by Aspen Point's Barrel "Rambo" who was an amazing hunting dog. Ally was bigger in type with a deep chestnut colored head and very loving brown eyes. She had tremendous prey drive, moved well, and just wouldn't quit when searching for birds.

Ally had a higher-headed tracking style with good pointing skills and loved water. She retrieved well and was the backbone for many of our hunting trips to South Dakota. At nearly 15, she still loved to "rough house" and was always a puppy at heart. Ally is gone now, but will always be remembered as a great companion and wonderful hunting partner.

Ally had four litters for us with many of her daughters continuing on with her maternal abilities. My brother, Randy Posthuma, kept Stonybrook Bobby from the "B" litter who went on to produce our top testing "G" and "H" litters.

Litter History: 4 litters (B, D, E, F)

NAVHDA Natural Ability 112 Prize I, UPT 170 Prize II
WPGCA Natural Ability: 28 Prize I, OFA Excellent


​Stonyridge Gem Stone "Gretta"

The best way to describe Gretta is that she was my "sweetheart." She had a very dark-liver, "clean" head, and a very manageable tighter coat. She was smaller in size at about 22" and 50 lbs. She loved to please, was very cooperative, and had great prey drive with a solid point. Her track concentration was very intense and methodical working low to the ground. I always got excited just watching her use her fine nose as she stealthfully moved forward on the scent trail.

Gretta loved retrieving from land and water and swam just for fun. She crashed the water hard and wouldn't quit searching until she found what she was after, diving if she had too! Gretta had a "golden look" in her eyes and checked back often. At home, she was very loving and affectionate and would try to snuggle into your pocket. Gretta is the dam of 2 of our Stonyridge Versatile Champions! She will always be remembered as an awesome dog!

Litter History: 5 litters (I, J, L, N, P)
NAVHDA Natural Ability 107 Prize II, 112 Prize I
WPGCA Natural Ability 23 NP, OFA NS


Stonyridge High Point "Hanna"

Hanna was our third breeding griff and definitely always a pup at heart. She is very friendly and wiggles at the sound of her name. Her size is 22.5" and 52 lbs. Being very athletic, she can cover a lot of ground in the field and woods. She has a great nose, points well, and is an excellent retriever. Her search is relentless and her attitude and cooperative nature makes her a fun dog to hunt with and enjoy year-round. 

Hanna's coat is medium dense, medium harsh, with traditional furnishings. She is two years younger, but still a full sister to our Gretta and VC Stonyridge Gracey. Hanna loves people and easily gets along with other dogs. She was an awesome mom and whelped the K, M,O, S, U, and W litters for us. They are showing that same fun-loving demeanor with great scenting and tracking abilities like their mother. Her pups have tested very well at a  young age with Stonyridge Shelby, at less than 15 weeks of age, becoming the youngest pup of all the NAVHDA breeds to achieve a NA 112 prize 1.

Litter History: 6 litters (K, M, O, S, U, W)
NAVHDA Natural Ability 112 Prize I
WPGCA Natural Ability 28 Prize I, PENN Hip .35L .35R


VC ​Stonyridge Nika "Nika"

VC Stonyridge Nika is becoming a cornerstone to our griffs and shows many of her mother Gretta's great traits and abilities. Her eye contact and intelligent demeanor make her a natural fast learner and a joy to work with. At less than 6 months of age, she and her sister scored a top score in her Natural Ability test with a 112 Prize I. She also tested at 3 1/2 years of age with a top score Utility Test of 204 Prize 1.  At 4 1/2 she became the top scoring griffon at the 2017 NAVHDA invitational and is now a VERSATILE CHAMPION!

In the field, Nika covers ground very effectively, and has a solid, stylish point. With an excellent nose, she tracks well, loves retrieving, and is a cooperative hunting partner. Her coat is mid length, harsh, and dense making it easy to maintain. She is 22" at the shoulder and her weight is 50 lbs. She is my Ideal of a griff!

Between her natural hunting drive and cooperative personality, Nika is an extremely well-focused griffon that has lived up to her potential. Her PENN Hip score is in the 80th percentile of the breed. She also has been a huge asset to our breeding program. Nika has whelped the R and T litters, both litters of thirteen wonderful puppies! She has also whelped the X litter, and we kept Ava from Nika's A litter who's looking great.

Litter History: 4 litters (R, T, X, AA)
NAVHDA Natural Ability 112 Prize I, UT 191 Prize III, UT 186 Prize II, UT 204 Prize I
2017 NAVHDA Invitational  196  Pass - Versatile Champion
PENN Hip .29L .31R


Stonyridge Remember Shingobee "Remy"

Remy is one of our younger griffs kept back from the R litter. She is out of VC Nika and has a very dense tighter coat and dark head. She looks much like her sire Aspen Glo's Axel, and shows many of her mother's great traits and abilities. Remy is very athletic and moves effortlessly in the field. Weighing in at around 50 lbs she has a little bit more length giving her good reach when running. She is also pointing very well with a natural back, and loves to retrieve. Remy is coming along very nice and has also tested with a top NA score of 112 Prize 1. Her PENN Hip score is in the top 70% of the breed.

Remy was bred to Stonyridge Otis (Cooper) in 2018 and whelped our "Z" litter.

These pups are looking great and we hope we can repeat this breeding. 

Litter History: 1 litter (Z)

NAVHDA Natural Ability 112 Prize I
PENN Hip .29L .31R


Stonyridge Rain Storm "Tammy"

Tammy is a full sib to Remy both out of our VC Nika. They were a pair as pups and very similar in type with a nice dense harsh coat and dark heads. Tammy is slightly larger in type and has good drive with a solid point and back. She is a good water retriever and loves to swim.

Tammy scored well in Natual Ability and has gone on and received UT prize III

Tammy is owned by Karl and Mandy Grozkrueger near Elston Iowa. They did the V litter for us and had a great set of pups. We hope to have another litter with them and Tammy this spring.

Litter History (V)

NAVHDA Natural Ability 110 Prize I

UT 178 Prize III

PENN Hip .29L .35R


Stonyridge Opal "Ally"

Stonyridge Opal "Ally" is co-leased with Peter Burton. Pete lives north of New London, WI and has done a great job testing and hunting her. Ally is out of Hanna and was our pick of the high testing "O" litter.  She has a dense mid length coat and darker clean head with nice furnishings. She looks a lot like her 3/4 sib VC Nika (same sire Dam's are sisters). Ally also shows many of her mother's great traits and abilities. Ally has a nice search in the field, very solid point, and is cooperative with a good nose. She weighs 52 lbs and stands 22" at the shoulder. Ally also loves to naturally retrieve and is a lot of fun to hunt with. She NA tested with a 112 prize 1 at 5 months of age!

She is OFA Good and we used her in 2018 in our breeding program. She was bred to VC Stonyridge Ivan and had 7 very nice pups with good coats. We hope to repeat this breeding again.

Litter History: 1 litter (BB)

NAVHDA Natural Ability 112 Prize 1


Stonyridge Will O' The Wisp "Willow"

Stonyridge Will O' The Wisp "Willow", is one of our younger griffs. She is smaller in type, 21 " at the shoulder and 45 lbs. She makes up for her size in attitude! She is relentless!! Her drive and desire is just a joy to watch. She is quick in the field and intense.

Willow crashes water, and retrieves naturally. She has good bone and hip for a smaller dog and light on her feet. Her coat has a great deep chestnut look that is dense and harsh. 

Willow learns very fast and is fun to train. She NA tested at 4 1/2 months with a 108 prize 2. She is doing great in the field has a solid point. We look forward to using her in our breeding program this year.

NAVHDA Natural Ability 108 Prize 2 

PENN-Hip .28 R   .32 L


Stonyridge Ava "Ava"

Ava is our youngest griff and coming along very nice. She is out of our VC Stonyridge Nika's A litter that was sired by Stonyridge Magnum. She has good length and size with a great coat. She loves to naturally retrieve off land and water and should follow in her mothers foot steps. We are really looking forward in seeing how she develops.

PENN Hip  .36R  .36L


Stonyridge View Point "Bo"

Bo is new to our stud lineup. He is owned by my nephew Mike Posthuma and is out of our "V" litter. He is sired by Stonyridge Magnum and his dam is Stonyridge Rain Storm, Bo is a double bred Stonyridge dog and a grandson of VC Stonyridge Nika. He has a dark "clean" head with a mid length very dense, full, harsh coat. He is more square in his type with a nice head,  good stop and eye set. He is around 60 lbs and 23" tall.

Bo has a very solid natural point and great search. He checks back in the field and has a great nose. He will not give up on wounded game. He loves to swim and retrieve and can take a lot of cold. He tested NA prize 1-112  and we look forward to using him on some upcoming litters.

​NAVHDA Natural Ability 112 Prize I

PENN Hip  .31R  .27L


Stonyridge Otis "Cooper"

Cooper is owned by Tony Drake and is out of our "O" litter. He is sired by Shingobee Honey Boy and his dam is Stonyridge High Point, This pairing has made 4 litters for Stonyridge with some of the highest scoring youngest testing pups in Navhda! Stonyridge Shelby is a full sib to Cooper, and at less than 15 weeks of age, became the youngest pup of all the NAVHDA breeds to achieve a NA 112 prize 1. Cooper tested well with a NA 108 prize 2 and received a UT 193 prize 1  at 2 1/2 years of age. He is a midsized dog at around 58lbs. tighter coated and darker head. He is very athletic and loves to swim. He sired our Z litter that is looking great. He has requalified for the invite with a Prize 1 202.

Great job and good luck at the 2019 invitational!

NAVHDA Natural Ability: 108 Prize 2, UT 193 Prize 1, IT 171 No pass, UT 202 prize 1


VC Stonyridge Ivan "Toby"

VC Stonyridge Ivan is a pup from our "I" litter and owned by Gary Nilsen.

Ivan is out of our Stonyridge Gretta and 1/2 sib to VC Stonyridge Nika. Ivan and Nika are 2 of the top 3 scoring dogs that passed at the Invitational in the last 5 years. With Gretta's full sib VC Stonyridge Gracey going VC in 2010 with also a 196 Passing score!

Ivan is good sized at around 66lbs and 23 1/2" tall. Ivan has a clean, dark liver head and a great mid length coat. Ivan is more square in type, moves well, and has a great solid point. Ivan's sire is VC Alibi's Tommorow Is A Better Day-"Tommy" having some French line griffs coming in for diversity.

NAVHDA Natural Ability: 108 Prize 2, UT 195 Prize 1
2014 NAVHDA Invitational  196  Pass - Versatile Champion
Penn Hip .28L, .27R